This Guy Daily Drives A Ferrari F50. And We Love Him For It.

It’s not every day that we get to see or meet or even hear about a person that dialy drives a supercar. You have many YouTubers doing it now from Tim Burton (Shmee150) to Paul Wallace (Supercars of London), but there are people in the shadows and out of the public eye that do the same thing. This man does it in something even more crazy than the cars those two own (McLaren 675 LT Spyder or Mercedes AMG GT S).

Thanks to another YouTuber and race car driver, Archie Hamilton, tell us about his friend Nick Leventis who daily drives a Ferrari F50. Nick is also a British racing driver and founder of Strakka Racing. Archie went along for a ride with him in his F50 and talked about what it’s like to daily one of the most ridiculous cars ever built.

Well, they talked as much as they could. It’s hard to hear them over that V12.


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