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Jeremy Clarkson Pokes Fun At British Power Shift

In a not so automotive related story, our favorite British archetype and most interesting old guy, Jeremy Clarkson, just poked fun at the latest power shift in England. As most of our UK followers would know (and most of our US followers would presumably care less) Theresa May became the England’s new Prime Minister, replacing David Cameron who stepped down due to the outcome of the Brexit vote in June. As her first cabinet appointment she has called on Phillip Hammond to become the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. Naturally, Jeremy Clarkson mentioned:

theresa-mayThis isn’t the first time Clarkson dabbled in British politics. Clarkson and May has created a facetious video prior to the Brexit vote, about how separating from the European Union would complicate matters for the production of the Grand Tour. And that besides Brexit, they could only agree on two other things: Sandwich spread is delicious and the old Ford Mondeo is excellent.

Needless to say we are totally excited to see the boys back for The Grand Tour when it comes to Amazon Prime in the Fall. Until they come back on air, you can always watch them put boxes together


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