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What The Toyota Supra MKV Might Look Like

The internet is a wonderful place. You can readily ruin your reputation in seconds, collaborate with many other people with very little effort, and you can also make a boat load of money doing nothing other than filming yourself and talking about video games. When it comes to cars, the internet is a wonderful place where cars that haven’t even entered into production will be spied, scrutinized, and photoshopped until it looks like something the manufacturers tried to hide.

This time it’s the Toyota Supra’s turn. Thanks to the folks in the SupraMKV forum, the spy shots of the highly anticipated collaboration between Toyota and BMW has received the CSI treatment and ENHANCED to death.


The picture above looks a lot like a beefier Toyota 86, as the photoshopper took some liberty with the front fascia and pretty much everything else. The curves and bulges from the spy shots don’t suggest the radical styling of what we’ve seen so far with the Toyota FT-1 concept, but we’re hoping it’ll get more aggressive as time unfolds and the camo is stripped.

toyota ft-1 concepttoyota FT-1 rolling

Do you think the new Supra looks soft compared to its FT-1 concept?

(Source: Supra MKV Forum)


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