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The Grand Tour Pictures From Southern California

The Grand Tour Boys just wrapped up their filming in California and judging from these pics from Twitter and our friends at Grand Tour Nation, the old Top Gear trio had a thrilling good time. A much better time than when they were under the scrutiny of the BBC.

Leading up to the day’s shooting, Jeremy Clarkson was already having butterflies about the day:

But nothing like a bunch of truly earth shattering cars to temper the nerves and lighten the spirits

Thanks to Grand Tour Nation we see the Boys are back to their old rambunctious selves on The Grand Tour set in California.



Given that they’re starting off the show in California, we’re wondering if this will be more of an American-centric show, as opposed to the UK-centric focus of BBC’s Top Gear. We’re hoping they’ll continue to film other sessions within the states so that we on the Eastern seaboard can get the opportunity to meet the trio in person, much like how many British people have enjoyed for many years.

To see more of what we have to say about The Grand Tour you can click on our link here. The streaming program will be be available exclusively on Amazon Prime starting on Friday, November 18th, and will be released on a weekly basis. To get more details about the show and how you can watch it, click here.

(Source: The Grand Tour Nation & Twitter)


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