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Undeniable Proof That Modern Car Commercials Are Frauds

Making car commercials has become a complicated affair. Instead of shipping cars and actors to beautiful locations across the globe car companies now rely on computer simulated environments to lure in customers. In the CGI-dominated world, we live in it becomes difficult to distinguish what is real and what is simply coded and built on a computer. When we get a behind the scenes look at the creation of a commercial for the Mercedes E-Class just to see what is real and what is fake it’s astonishing how hard it is to distinguish.

From the car to the very location it is featured modern car commercials have gone completely CGI giving consumers a warped view of reality. These products which we spend endless time discussing and coveting now appear in modern car commercials as code rather than reality. Since all modern car design is done on computer companies merely build the surrounds they want and insert the car. Want to feature the new E-Class in Scotland ? Great no plane ticket required just a few hours of building the ideal environment.

This new age of car commercials treads dangerously close to a future of lies. Sure car commercials were never completely accurate but today everything can be faked. From the scenery to the driver behind the wheel, nothing is real and everything is modified. In this world of Instagram filters and all CGI blockbuster films, it was only a matter of time before we reach the end of real car commercials.


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