This Mustang Has A Camaro Engine In It And It Will Royally Piss You Off

I do love when car people do things that piss off nearly everyone involved. That’s likely exactly what has happened here as the internet brings us this heretical Fox Body Mustang with a Camaro’s LS1 engine in it.

The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah has been absolutely killing it with his “One Take” series. If you haven’t seen any of them, this is a series where he drives fans’ cars for 10-15 minutes without editing. It’s an unscripted drive either with or without the owner of the car, depending on if that owner wants to be on camera, and it’s as raw as it comes. Farah then takes the cars on insanely fun, twisty, and technical canyon roads just outside of Los Angeles, CA.

This time we have the aforementioned Mustang with its heart transplant LS1 motor. This guy gives zero fucks about this car and what you think about the swap, which is why he, and the car, is awesome.

What a rattle can. This guy is my hero for the day, even thought I’m nearly 100% positive the Mustang and Camaro purists are turning red and beating their fists on their desks.

(Source: YouTube)


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