Rosberg Admits Crash That Took Out He And Hamilton Was His Fault

I think Nico just took the blame for the first lap crash between he and Lewis Hamilton during the Spanish Grand Prix.

By now we all know what happened: Nico takes the lead, engine in wrong mode, Hamilton gets a run, Nico moves down to block, Hamilton in grass, spins, take out Nico, both drivers out after only 20 seconds of racing. Adding fuel to the fire that is the rivalry in the Petronas Mercedes camp, everyone took a side. Neither Rosberg or Hamilton took responsibility, but every F1 fan was divided though the majority seemed to think it was Hamilton’s fault.

Now it seems that we have an answer and a potential admission of fault…sort of. Here’s the story from

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Rosberg was not sure why the engine had been in the wrong Strat mode, but now he says it was clear that he had failed to change it in to the right setting once he was on the grid.

“It was in the wrong position, and it was my job to put in the right position – it’s pretty simple,” said the German. “There is not much more to say.”

When asked if that meant there was more pressure now to get things right at the start, Rosberg said: “It is the same as always. You need to think about what you are doing.

“There is a lot going on and that is it – we have to come up with ways to make sure everything is done properly.”

For an F1 driver these days, and in any generation for that matter, this is as close as we’re going to get to a true admission of fault. Personally, I agree that Nico was at fault here. A block is fine, but forcing anyone, let alone your own teammate, on to the grass on lap 1 of a Grand Prix is a bit nutty

When asked if he and Hamilton had burried the hatchet, Rosberg said that if they did, it would remain internal. To me, that’s a no.



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