Bonkers 2JZ Engine Produces Massive Burnout And Drifting Goodness. Then Decides To Explode.

We Finally Found A 2JZ Engine That Failed; granted it was on purpose and had crap tons of power.

The car in the video below, a Nissan Silvia with a 2JZ-GTE swapped into it, is a purpose built drift machine and all around burnout brawler. Cars like this are built for one single reason: to put on a show. And that’s exactly what this car did, right up until the moment the engine decided to ‘splode.

What even better, you get a show of drifting and anti-lag right before it goes kablooie.

What I’m taking away from this is that, even though this 2JZ may have bitten the proverbial bullet, that thing still held up while this driver beat the living SHIT out of it for a solid 4-5 minutes.

Thus, the legendy of the 2JZ carries on.

(Source: YouTube)


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