You Are About To Watch The Closest Drag Race In The History Of The Sport.

Drag racing has been around since what seems like the beginning of time. Hell, humans even drag race. Usain Bolt is the best human drag racer currently. But when you pair humans and insanely fast cars, now you’re talking.

For as long as we can trace back, there have been some insanely close finishes. There hasn’t however, been something this close. Ever. No seriously, ever. This is the closest race in drag racing history and for two cars to be so close with so many factors at play is completely mind boggling.

According to Road & Track, this is closer than the 0.001 margin of victory that Denny Hamlin eeked out at the Daytona 500 this year.

The two Kalitta Motorsports teammates were racing in mechanically identical cars this past weekend at the Atlanta Dragway, but their setups were slightly different. Todd actually had a slightly faster elapsed time, running 3.780 seconds at 320.66 mph, but Kalitta’s 3.801 second, 323.19 mph run started with an absolutely perfect reaction time and launch that made up for Todd’s 0.021-second ET advantage. So when they got to the finish line, they were as neck-and-neck as two dragsters can get—with Kalitta’s car crossing the line mere millimeters ahead of Todd’s.

Here’s the entire race including warmups.

MOTHER. OF. GOD. Absolutely stunning.

(Sources: Road & Track and YouTube)


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