Why Did The Mustang Cross The Road?

Just like Mentos and Soda, or smoking and gas stations, Ford Mustangs and car shows has been added to the list of deadly combinations that should not be handled by inexperienced hands. Thanks to a bunch of idiots who love to show off in their Mustangs upon leaving car meets, like Cars & Coffee, the Mustang has earned the unfortunate stereotype of a car built specifically for destruction. I mean have you seen the memes out there? They’re HILARIOUS, and every Mustang owner should feel terrible about it.

ford mustang meme - making a murderer ford mustang meme - safe way for mustang to leave show ford mustang meme - heavy breathingThe video below is proof that Ford Mustangs with solid rear axles should not be mixed with surges of adrenaline. Car meets tend to generate a lot of pedestrians and onlookers waiting to see smoke and burnouts from cars they just gawked at. So what do you do when you’re in an overpowered, tail happy, poorly suspensioned car, WHILE being surrounded with bystanders? Just don’t, because it can’t even…

(Source: Playing With Cars)


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