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Driver Escapes Serious Injury In Yet Another Insane Formula 3 Crash

This one is scary. I’ve been around racing all my life and watching it since I was 3 and able to understand it. I get that it’s racing and I get that anything can happen, but this is getting insane. This is the second ridiculously scary crash in as many weeks.

Two weeks ago we showed you one of the scariest crashes in recent memory and it was tremendous that all parties came away without serious injury. Well it’s happened again and we have multiple camera angles this time showing just how violent this crash was. The British Formula 3 series had it’s first stop at Oulton Park in Cheshire. Ameya Vaidyanathan, who was in 10th place at the time, clipped the wheel of Sisa Ngebulana’s car and was sent Vaidyanathan off track, tumbling down the curcuit in yet another scary one.

Here’s the intense and nail biting video.

From another angle, you can see a spectator point of view. This spectator video also shows how had of shape the car was in after the wreck and it being towed away.

This once again goes to show that these cars are insanely well engineered for safety and we’re glad no one came out hurt.

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