Bernie Ecclestone Thinks Head Protection Won’t Make F1 Any Safer

Remember when Bernie Ecclestone was a champion of driver safety? Us neither. Though the Ferrari cockpit halo or Red Bull Racing developed deflector screen are undoubtedly strange and weird to see on an F1 car, they would undoubtedly make the sport safer. Apparently good ‘ol Bern thinks that’s untrue.

But what’s driving that opinion? Could it be that there’s a mound of evidence leading to the driver’s view being impeded? Perhaps there’s evidence showing that the head protection does nothing and that it’s totally unnecessary. Nope. Literally all the evidence shows that the halo or the deflector would make the sport safer. Bernie thinks it would make the sport less safe.


The FIA made a lengthy presentation to the drivers in Budapest last Friday, which was powerful enough to win around Lewis Hamilton, one of the halo’s biggest critics, particularly of its appearance, when it was first tested back in March.

But in comments which will make the debate even more heated, Ecclestone claimed on Wednesday night both that the majority of drivers were not in favour, and the halo could make the sport less safe, despite the evidence offered by the FIA.

“We don’t need it because it won’t do any good,” Ecclestone told Telegraph Sport. “It won’t save anybody. And it might be worse if a car tips over with it. It could cause more damage than it’s going to save.“Most of the drivers don’t want to see it. They don’t want it. It’s a case of us and the teams will decide in the end.”

But why not even try? Sure it’s odd to see, but at this point head protection past a helmet might be necessary. Sure there are deaths related to hear injuries in closed cockpit race cars, but to not even give it a chance, in my opinion, is a huge mistake.

What do you think? Shoudl F1 implement the halo?

(Source: The Telegraph)


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