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Jeremy Clarkson Is A Terrible Rally Co-Driver

The Grand Tour is right around the corner and the boys just released another video of them on the road. It’s another candid segment shot around the same time when they broke a rental car. This time Jeremy Clarkson, the once Top Gear lead who was fired over punching a producer, shares a story of the one time he was a co-driver for a rally stage. Just like how you shouldn’t drink and drive, you totally should not be hungover and be a rally co-driver. Fearing the impending doom of becoming more sick through motion sickness, he prays for an act of god to intervene. Shortly after the flag was raised, a loud bang emanated from the car, presumably from some hardware failure. Clarkson’s methods to solve the situation is proof why The Grand Tour will simply be an amazing television show. If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you should head over to this link and do so ASAP! The Boys will return to the screen this Fall and can only be seen through Amazon Prime.

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