Verstappen’s Post Race Comment States What We Already Know About Rosberg

The German Grand Prix at Hockenheimring is in the books and what a stunning weekend it has been. The Silver Arrows, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, secured Row 1 after Saturday’s surprising qualifying race and Sunday’s Grand Prix was no short of surprises either. From the start, Rosberg failed to capitalize on his Pole position by having an awful start followed by momentum robbing wheel spin, allowing the Red Bull teammates, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo to quickly move into second and third.

The second most important part of the race occurred in lap 27 when Rosberg overtook Verstappen upon approaching the Spitzkehre hairpin turn. Rosberg then boxed the 18 year old phenom out, pushing Verstappen off the track and incurring a seemingly light five second penalty, enough to throw him off a podium finish.

Upon finding out about the penalty, Rosberg replied to his teammates via radio communications:

Can you tell them I was at full steering lock and I couldn’t steer more?

Anyone with some semblance of a vision can see from the onboard camera that Rosberg was nowhere near full-lock and his move at the hairpin was a deliberate block, a similar move that he pulled with Hamilton in the Austrian Grand Prix.

Perhaps the best part of the post race discussion is what Verstappen had to say about the incident, and he states what we already know about Rosberg all along:

We can see Verstappen’s youthful innocence and straightforwardness here as he states what has been on everyone’s mind. Hamilton hanged his head low and hid his laughter, as the 18 year old expressed the frustrations he has professionally bottled all along.

(Source: Twitter)


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