Hey, Nico Rosberg, Shut Up And Race

There is a lot to be said about the Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg Rivalry. Personally, I’m not in either camp. I just like good racing. This season of Formula 1 has seen it’s fair share of incredible racing. Max Verstappen is a 19 year old phenom who got his first race win, the Mercedes’ of Hamilton as Rosberg are in a close match for the championship lead, and Vettel can’t stay on the track whether being taken out or with car failures. It’s been anything but boring so far.

But one thing is really pissing me off about everything and his name is Nico. Rosberg is currently in the points lead and how he’s put him self there is up for debate. His tactics this season have been questionable when he ran Lewis Hamilton off the road in Spain so much so that Hamilton spun and took them both out. That was a questionable tactic. However, the race this past weekend was anything but friendly or a situation where there was question who was at fault. It was absolutely Nico’s fault. I’m not a fan of Hamilton in the sense where he is my favorite driver. I don’t think I have a favorite driver today, but he’s getting the raw deal when ever the two battle. This weekend in Austria, more of the same where Rosberg decided to punt Hamilton off the road. I mean he didn’t even turn in. Here’s the replay.

From another angle.

That second, fan video looks even more embarrassing. Nico almost looks as if he turns back to the left into Lewis before turning right. I mean come on, this is just stupidity at it’s highest.

Every time this happens it’s always Nico making excuses and blaming it on someone else instead of his own inability to view the truth. That truth is that he’d rather play dirty than win because of his own talent. My only conclusion to this is that Nico Rosberg thinks he’s Ayrton Senna. Hey, Nico, you’re not. You’re a petulant child that doesn’t like losing and when you do you pout about it. When Senna ran someone off the road it was because he put you in the position to make the decision to back out of it or not. What you’re doing is running people, not just Lewis, off the road in order to win or keep your position. It’s dangerous, absurd, and flat out annoying. Why not try to race on your own merit? It seems as if you aren’t even willing to get in to a battle and would rather just push someone off than prove your a good racer.

Enough. Stop being a spoiled brat, man up, and race.

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