Dodge Charger Hellcat Gets Destroyed By A, Ummm, Volkswagen Golf? In a drag race?!

Of all the cars I thought I’d see beat a Hellcat, this is pretty much the least likely scenario I couldn’t have thought up.

Volkswagen Golfs are not fast cars, though their underpinnings do give us the GTI and Golf R, two of the best hot hatches on sale today. We’ve driven both the Golf R and GTI and they are fantastic. The Gold R we even took on track and it was superbly balanced. Still, neither of these cars can hold a candle in a straight line to the Hellcat. With 707hp, the Hellcat is not a car to be messed with on the drag strip.

That is unless you have a VW Golf tuned to ridiculous proportions by well known tuning shop HGP, who dropped in a 3.6 liter bi-turbo VR6 engine. In that case, you’re probably going to win your fair share of drag races with 745hp on tap. Watch below as the vee-dub smokes the Hellcat and a few other get in on the Hellcat shaming as well.

Wouldn’t mind getting my hand on any of these cars, especially that VW. Damn.

(Source: YouTube)


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