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This 5 Second Video Proves The Grand Tour Is Going To Be Awesome

While we are in limbo waiting for the next season of Top Gear to see if it’s any better with the talent they have remaining, and why wouldn’t it be, we have The Grand Tour to look forward to this fall!

Top Gear’s first full season has come to a close and it had some major ups and downs. There was promise at the end and now Chris Evans has left the show, making it instantly more watchable. In the mean time, there is a big gap until The Grand Tour is slated to air with episodes hopefully premiering on Amazon around October. In the mean time, Clarkson, Hammond, and May have been much busier on social media giving us glimpses into their shooting schedules and how everything is made. Clarkson has been tweeting locations of filming so that people can come watch.


That tweet is from today so if you’re going to be in Italy, you might be able to catch them filming. There’s more though. On facebook, Clarkson has been sharing more and more as they start the shooting process. He shared this picture the other day about an odd comparison test between an Aston Martin DB11, A Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and a Rolls Royce Dawn.

But the best update yet was in a 5 second video he just shared on Facebook of them being filmed drifting the Hellcat and the DB11 within feet of a camera crew in an Alfa Romeo.

I mean, holy shit, listen to that supercharger whine! They were not holding back at all. Oh yes, The Grand Tour is going to be EPIC. We can’t wait.

(Source: Bookface)


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