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Matt LeBlanc Has A New Show, Top Gear Is Second Priority

The BBC has come forward and mentioned they have no plans to replace Chris Evans, Top Gear’s presenter of only one season who resigned on July 4th amid potential sexual harassment allegations. This means Matt LeBlanc will be leading Top Gear solo, while Chris Harris, Rory Reid, Eddie Jordan, and Sabine Schmitz will act as supporting roles when Top Gear returns for season 24 in September. This schedule was threatened back in June when LeBlanc made the ultimatum that he will quit if Chris Evans is not fired.

However, it seems like that move was not such a bold threat as LeBlanc already has another commitment with CBS coming out this fall called Man With The Plan. According to Variety:

Under LeBlanc’s deal with the studio, “Man With the Plan” is in first position, with the studio obliged to make a good-faith effort to accommodate his “Top Gear” hosting duties. “Top Gear” is expected to work around LeBlanc’s CBS shooting schedule.

The Man With The Plan show is about a contractor who ends up spending more time at home with his kids because his wife has decided to go back to work. The sneak peek trailer shows a pretty standard sitcom that’s been recorded in front of a live audience.

With the very disappointing Top Gear ratings, especially in the last episode where it reached 1.9 million television viewers, it’s not such a terrible career move to look for something else while you’re hosting the BBC show. However, this news won’t appeal to those viewers who already think very negatively about the BBC and Top Gear, who decided to fire Jeremy Clarkson in the Spring of 2015 over a lack of a hot meal. We can’t tell if the show will succeed like his first breakthrough hit, Friends, but the fact that Top Gear is taking a backseat over the production of the sitcom should be concerning to fans about his level of dedication to the most popular automotive show in the world.

(Source: Variety)


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