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VIDEO: Mitsubishi EVO Deploys Jump Jacks To Avoid Running Over Doggy

We wish this Mitsubishi EVO IX actually had Speed Racer’s Jump Jacks. You know the one! Control Button A, where the Mach 5’s automatic jacks deploy so Speed and Pops Racer can work underneath the car! Only often used as a method for jumping over short distances and other uses. This video certainly looks like the rally car had deployed it just in time before it runs over the pup! Instead it was just a luckily placed hump in the course big enough to spare the mutt from certain death.

Rallying is such a thrilling sport and can be pretty deadly to the driver and navigator, and the rabid fans themselves. Just take a look at some old Group B rally footage. Not only is the wildlife at risk, but also people looking for a glimpse of some all-wheel drive glory.

(Source: Youtube)


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