Lewis Hamilton And Fernando Alonso Just Ripped F1 Cars For Being Boring

We’ve all known it for a long time, but the drivers themselves are officially catching on.

Fernando Alonso is a pretty outspoken guy. When he’s wronged or believes that something is out of the ordinary, he’ll speak up. Lewis Hamilton also speaks up, but mostly about his teammate Nico Rosberg rather than F1 as a whole. Each of them were asked a question about the current state of the cars in F1. Both responses were a bit surprising.

Honestly I don’t blame them. I’m in NO manner an F1 expert, nor am I a driver, but I feel like their points are hyper valid here. The cars before turbos were reintroduced were alive and animalistic. Since then they just seem dull, sound atrocious, and dance around when they don’t have to even with the insane amount of downforce.

F1 is still the pinnacle of racing and technology in the automotive sphere, but there’s something to be said for how exciting a GT3 race can be. There’s lots of passing, less tech, less restrictions, and way less politics. Hell, even Indycar is more exciting these days and that series is no where near the popularity of F1.

Until F1 brings back some excitement instead of a parade, the drivers will continue to feel this way. Maybe a sale from Bernie Ecclestone will help.

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