VIDEO: Putin’s Limo Gets Into Terrible Crash, Putin’s Chauffeur Killed.

You can be the best and most attentive driver in the world, but sometimes you just can’t control the actions of other people on the road. In this case nothing could have been done to prevent the terrible head on collision between Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin’s car and a stray Mercedes CLS.

According to Carscoops:

A black BMW 7-Series that belonged to Russia’s Federation Council and driven by one of Vladimir Putin’s official drivers was involved in a head-on collision in Moscow with a Mercedes CLS, killing the presidential driver instantly and sending the Mercedes driver to hospital in critical condition.

Russian media report that Putin’s official car was driven by the president’s favorite driver. Vladimir Putin was not in the car during the accident.

CCTV footage taken on the Kutuzovsky Avenue reveals that the Mercedes CLS driver somehow lost control of the vehicle, crossing over from the opposite side of the road where it collided with the presidential BMW 7-Series at high-speed.

Putin’s driver was killed on the spot, according to medics arrived at the scene. Russian authorities haven’t named the victim, although it’s reported that he had more than 40 years of driving experience as an official driver.

As the video above indicated, there was no way the experienced chauffeur could have reacted in time to avoid the CLS that crossed the median. Regardless of whether you’re transporting a dignitary, your family, friends, or even just yourself, you have to remind yourself that anything can happen and the best thing you can do is to be vigilant.

(Source: Carscoops)


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