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Take The Time To Make Your Day Better With 15 Minutes Of Flame Spitting Hillclimb Bliss.

Anything from an open wheel race car to a track prepped rally car can compete in Hillclimb racing. These exciting races pit cars against the clock as they try to climb a hill as quickly as possible (Seems simple enough). Fans can witness this flame spitting spectacle live and stand as close as they dare to the course. This rally style racing produces some of the best sounding cars to ever race and now we have over 15 minutes of fiery aural pleasure.

Hillclimb racing, also known as hillclimbing, is one of the oldest forms of motorsport debuting in France in 1897. Today the most famous Hillclimb is at Pikes Peak where racers face over 150 turns on the 12-mile course. The diverse terrain of a hillclimb offers a unique challenge for racers carving through these technical mountain roads. The added danger of steep drop offs and rocky cliffs add to the danger and excitement.

Straight cut gears, turbo whistles, and exhaust pops are all part of the viewing experience. Some of the greatest rally cars of all time compete in Hillclimbing. Anything from an Audi Quattro to the Mitsubishi EVO race for the best times up mountain roads. These tuned in race cars need to grip through hairpin turns and accelerate on short straightaways. The diverse terrain makes for interesting racing and a special that cannot be matched.

Hillclimbing is popular across the globe and for good reason. These madmen who drive up mountain roads at race track speeds abandon self-preservation in the quest for victory. Some of the world’s most popular races take place on the natural race tracks on roads built to traverse tough mountain passes. Nothing is better than getting up close and personal with some of the most exciting race cars on earth.


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