The 2018 Subaru WRX And STI Get Upgrades, But Still Not The Ones We Want.

Being the resident Subaru WRX owner here at Shifting Lanes, I need to keep up on certain news articles so my Monster Energy sponsorship that came with my car doesn’t lapse. My car, the 2014 WRX, was the last generation with the 2.5 liter, EJ 25x series as well as the hatchback variant. When Subaru redesigned the WRX/STI for the 2015 model year, the WRX received a fresh new 2.0 liter, FA series engine and the STI carried over the 2.5l EJ from the beginning of time.

Subaru has just announced that the 2018 WRX and STI will be getting a refresh. Upon reading this on the interwebz, my fanboidom hit 10 out of 10. “Could it be that Subaru was finally giving us what we’ve wanted?!” I wondered. Turns out, that is not the case.

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Both cars get minor grille tweaks and adaptive LED headlights, suspension tuning, and slightly more refined interiors that include thicker windows to reduce road noise. It’s still a sports car so don’t expect S-Class Mercedes levels of silence. Both will also get a larger center display up to 5.9″ from the previous generation’s 4.3″.

On the WRX end, the car will receive a performance package with Recaro seats, painted red brake calipers with better pads, and a moon roof delete which Subaru says will save weight.

The STI receives completely new 19″ wheels, upgraded brakes, and a re-calibrated DCCD (Driver Control Center Differential) system which is the same system from previous generations so drivers will be familiar with its functionality.

What’s missing?

Everything we want is still missing from both cars. Both the WRX and the STI still do not get a hatchback variant and the STI still has the old 2.5l EJ257 engine making 305 horsepower at the crank, not a re-tuned and reworked 2.0l FA engine that every Subaru fan wants. At least the STI still has that Subaru rumble we all know and love with its unequal length headers. At this point though, Subaru needs to give the next STI that upgrade as they are still behind the times in engine tech and efficiency.

Until these two major deficiencies are addressed, the fans, including myself, will be found wanting.

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