Red Bull F1 Tests New Cockpit Windscreen With 140MPH Direct Hit From A Tire.

Ever since the untimely and truly sad death of Jules Bianchi last year, countless debates and discussions have been had about the safety of Formula 1. First, we got this thong sandal thing from Ferrari earlier this year.

While this was a step in the right direction, we weren’t convinced this was the way to go. Of course this was only a test, but this obviously wouldn’t have stopped any debris from coming in below the roll hoop.

Red Bull racing seems to have a better idea. In a joint effort with the FIA, RBR has developed a windscreen that shields the entire cockpit and not just a portion of it. A great idea that might come to fruition, but with speeds in excess of 180-200mph on some tracks, what happens if this new device suffers a direct hit from, say, a flying tire?

RBR thought of that and they just tested such a scenario. Here’s their newest video and I must say, it’s pretty impressive.

That’s powerful stuff. It will never be known is devices like this would have saved Jules’ life, but I’m happy knowing that they’re taking steps to protect their drivers, no matter what the rest of the media says.

What do you think? Should F1 institute this change? Should the cockpit remain open because of tradition?

(Source: YouTube)


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