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Top Gear’s Matt LeBlanc Leaks First Guest While Also Refuting Rumors About Rift

News about the new Top Gear is coming at us so fast, furious, and so polarizing that it’s even permeating the world of women’s print magazines, Marie Claire. This time we learn about the new Top Gear’s first potential guest which Matt LeBlanc hinted during his interview:

When I flew home to LA, Cate Blanchett was on the plane and she said, “I think it’s so great that you’re the new host on Top Gear. Can I come on?” I said, “Absolutely! But really, you want to come on Top Gear?” When I got home I called the producers, and they were like, “How did that happen?”

The interview also discussed the chemistry between the new co-presenters, as lately there have been rumors of a rift between new Top Gear’s frontmen Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc. A previous report mentioned the duo are not on speaking terms after the mess created by the Cenotaph stunt. Matt LeBlanc apparently was never Chris’ choice but the decision was eventually made by the BBC to include the ex-Friends cast to attract American viewers. Apparently, it has been very “frosty” between the two ever since. This is not a good start for a TV show used to displaying chemistry between its hosts.

Now Matt LeBlanc is going on the record stating there’s no rift between them. LeBlanc credits Evans as:

A smart producer, a great interviewer and a lot of fun – and his personal car collection is insane. He has the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He owns it. That’s cool! I can’t wait to go round to his house with my little girl – she’s going to flip out when I con Chris into taking it out for a drive.

Perhaps whatever strain exists between the new Top Gear duo is because to their tight working schedule. Chris Evans still runs the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, while filming clips for the new Top Gear show. He has mentioned working only four hours a day on Top Gear, which drew the ire of many BBC license fee payers. Meanwhile, while not filming Top Gear, Matt LeBlanc films segments for the fifth and final series of Episodes in London.chris evans


Whether a rift between Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans may or may not exist, the most important focus of the rebooted Top Gear show is to replace the gigantic Clarkson, Hammond, and May sized hole with something that’s as charismatic, funny, and suspenseful as the old trio. Forced chemistry will become apparent very quickly, just take a look at the first couple of seasons of Top Gear USA. The BBC has a tough enough time getting back the good graces of the paying viewers, they can’t afford to mess this one up.

(Source: Marie Claire)


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