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What Goes Well With Political Protests? Apparently Donuts In An MX-5 Miata.

We’re not a politically charged website. I think that’s abundantly clear. But when you see something as ridiculous as this, you just need to write about it and show the world.

You undoubtedly know that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. Unless you’ve been living in a remote part of the world with no news or internet, you’ve probably heard about it. Well you also know that Trump has some pretty staunch supporters along with some BIG time haters. So much haters, in fact, that they protest nearly every campaing rally he has.

Up until this point, there hasn’t been ANY reason to talk about this on here. Except now because the auto world has gotten involved. Not politically, but hilariously. Check out this video below. As you’ll see, there’s a giant Trump protest going on. But then, out of nowhere, a Mazda Miata MX-5 owner decides it’s a great idea to just start doing donuts in the middle of the crowd. It’s dangerous and we don’t condone this type of behavior, and it looks like no one was hurt, but seriously, who does this.

This seems a bit ridiculous and as I said above dangerous, but it begs the question: why did this guy start to do the donuts in the first place? I guess when you hate political protests or the fact that annoying people are clogging the streets, you do donuts.

(Source: YouTube)


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