The story behind the Red Bull MINI Cooper

Red Bull MINI assembly

Most of the different racing series are about to start. Many of the most famous brands are gonna be represented on stockcars, le mans prototypes and open wheelers. Probably the best represented of those brands is Red Bull. The Austrian giant that also happens to make an energy drink of something, is represented all over the world. With the pinnacle of it’s marketing strategy probably being the Red Bull Formula one team. A couple years ago though, they where working on a very different sort of car.

Red Bull Wings Team MINI Cooper

You may have seen them every once in a while, a small MINI Cooper with a big Red Bull can on the back. These cars have been seen by millions of people all around the world, but it all started in California. A company called Custom CRS started converting 500 MINI Coopers into Red Bull Wings Team MINI Coopers. The company now called A2ZFX converted around 14 models every month from 2006 onwards. A big job because these modifications are quite drastic.

A Red Bull MINI in action

The basis for every Red Bull MINI is a standard 114 hp MINI Cooper with a CVT automatic transmission. To get the desired Red Bull look all MINIs have been converted to small pick-up trucks. The entire rear-end has been adjusted so that this giant Red Bull can fits onto the car. However, the rear has also been given another feature, because it contains a cool box. On the rear-deck there are also two flaps that go up to fill the tailgate with Red Bull cans. Most examples first had to be filled with ice, but some are even equipped with a genuine refrigerator. Because the Red Bull can extends quite far over the roof, the standard sunroofs where not an option. That is why a custom-made sunroofs was installed on every MINI.

The Wings team

The Red Bull Wings team has been specially set up to promote the energy drinks beverage to the widest possible audience. The marketeers, which mostly consist of students, drive to various locations to hand out Red Bull cans. These 500 Red Bull MINI’s have been used all over the world as a promotional vehicle, so it’s not an exclusive American or European phenomenon. However, it is unknown whether the MINI’s have also been converted for use in left-hand drive markets.

Perhaps you are thinking of buying a Red Bull MINI yourself. However, these rarely come on the market, at the time of writing most are still being used to promote Red Bull. When one comes to the market, all Red Bull stickers have been removed and unfortunately this includes the giant can. But what’s left is a MINI pick-up with a cool box in the back and a sunroof. And I can’t think of a better party vehicle then that!

Business at the front, party at the back


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