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2014 New York International Auto Show Best In Show: Jaguar F-type R Coupe

So by now, you all know we went to the NYIAS and had a blast. We all had our favorites in certain categories, but one car really stood out to us on a visceral level. Here are each of our thoughts on the 2015 Jaguar F-type Coupe.



So what is it about the Jaguar F-Type Coupe that earns it the coveted ShiftingLanes 2014 NYIAC Best In Show?  I can’t speak on behalf of my esteemed colleagues, but for me the F-Type is a near perfect blend of power, luxury, and beauty.  Both inside and out, the F-Type is thoroughly classic and modern all wrapped up into one truly beautiful thing to behold.  The interior is crisp and clean, truly a very nice place to be.  The exterior is much of the same.  Subtle nods to the classic 60’s E-Type while maintaining a contemporary look.  Don’t for a second think it is all show and no go.  With 550 Horsepower courtesy of a 5.0 liter Supercharged V8 you will not be wanting for speed.  I love how Jag has thumbed its nose at the overly mpg conscious and just built a bad ass engine.  It’s ironic that they have Loki in their ad campaign because this engine sounds more suited for Thor, The Norse God Of Thunder himself.  When you take into account all of this the F-Type was an easy choice for Best In Show.



An Incredibly Butch and Agile Brawler. An Aluminum Victoria Secret Model. Anti-Depressant. Rage Against the Machine’s Bassline. James Bond’s Walther PPK. The Crispy Fat on Your Morning’s Bacon. This is what I think when I see the Jaguar F-type R and if all of that does not speak to you then: 5.0 Liter Supercharged V8, 550 HP, 502 lb-ft of torque, 0-60 in 4.0 seconds, and the distinct British styling that we have fallen in love with for many decades.

The car has one of the best stylings found in all of the 2014 New York International Auto Show. In a field of luxurious two seater sports cars populated by the usual suspects, the Porsche Boxster/Caymans, the BMW Z4, the Audi TT, and the Mercedes Benz SL, the scenery has become incredibly boring and stale. The Jaguar F-Type has shocked the two seater sports car world when it came out in 2013 with its fresh face and ballet-dancer-like rear end. When I saw it in the Jacob Javits Center, I fell in love. Immediately. This car photographs well, but it really shines in person.

The Toyota FT-1 Concept edged out the F-type in terms of styling in my book, however, this Jaguar F-Type is an actual production car. You can go buy this right now and have instant sex appeal. Once Toyota’s sensibility has sunk its teeth into the FT-1 Concept it may end up looking like a two seater Camry.

Let me just summarize by saying that us men generally buy cars to impress women. Well buying the F-type is like buying a really nice car and gaining the ability to speak with a British accent. No woman is safe.



Given the fragile nature of today’s car market, it looks as though most car companies are completely on board with playing it safe, looking like everyone else, and selling lots of cars for the masses. Even many luxury brands are kowtowing to the bland and trying to appeal to a larger audience. Jaguar however, is not one of those companies. They dismantle and destroy the ordinary while consummately bludgeon the weak into submission with this stunning representation of all that is man. This car is supposed to be a Porsche 911/Aston Martin Vantage/Chevy Corvette/Audi R8 competitor, but in reality it’s not as those car can’t hold a candle to the F-type.

The styling is neat while giving a correct amount of braun and flash. The roofline has design cues from the E-type, which is never a bad comparison. The front is proportioned so superbly with the rest of the car, it’s difficult to really find anything wrong. In fact, in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with the outside. Inside there’s more of the same. You are wrapped in supple leather upon entry. The center console isn’t overly busy while giving you a dabble here and there of techie goodness. The sound system will blow your ears off with an Angus Young guitar riff or put you in a grand touring state-of-mind with a lounge inspired Groove Armada beat. Either way, this system can handle anything you throw its way. And if you don’t like the current CD you have on, one look out the windshield will remind you there’s another tune to which you can listen. The bonnet crests just into the line of site to remind you that beneath lurks a velociraptor ready to be uncaged and tear the face off anything in it’s path. How about 550/502 hp/lbft-torque split? Jag has thought of that as well, as those are the exact numbers you will receive with the burly V8. And yet with all the power out in front of you, this car screams to not be driven. It screams, “Look and touch and feel,” a rare quality in a car this exclusive. It’s approachable yet distant. It’s an enigma wrapped in a union jack. What makes this car so special is that I believe it’s better than the E-type which I’m well aware is automotive blasphemy. To me, this is the best looking car in the world currently. The F-type is Jag’s straight flush. They’ve gone all in and shown their hand. What do you got?


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