[UPDATED] 2015 New York Intenational Auto Show Primer: New Cars Abound!

This year, the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) is set to unleash several new cars into our world with teasers being thrown around all over the internet. This post is meant to be a primer and one-stop-shop for the whole show including reveals, schedules, awards, and anything that would be of interest during press days (4/1 & 4/2). Be sure to come back to the main Shifting Lanes home page on both of those days as we’ll be having another live blog experience as we go through each booth and press conference.


Schedule of Press Conferences:

With auto shows and auto makers becoming more and more digital, most usually have a live stream of their major auto show press conferences on their websites. Be sure to check each automakers website along with the NYIAS website when your favorite company has their conference to be able to check out the new reveals or announcements.


9:10am-9:35am Lexus

9:45am-10:10am Chevrolet

10:15am-10:40am Jaguar Land Rover

10:45am-11:10am Lincoln

11:15am-11:40am Porsche

11:45am-12:15pm Mercedes-Benz/smart

12:25pm-1:10pm Subaru

1:20pm-1:45pm Kia

1:55pm-2:20pm Honda

2:25pm-2:50pm Cadillac

2:55pm-3:20pm McLaren

3:25pm-3:50pm Infiniti

3:55pm-4:15pm Hyundai

4:20pm-5:00pm Rolls-Royce



8:45am-9:45am World Car Awards Press Conference

9:55am-10:20am Nissan

10:25am-10:50am Volkswagen

10:55am-11:20am Chevrolet

11:30am-12:20pm Mitsubishi

12:30pm-12:55pm Toyota

1:05pm-1:25pm Lyons Motor Car


Having a press conference doesn’t necessarily mean revealing a new vehicle, but it does mean that we’ll get a plethora of information on existing vehicles, possible updates to vehicles, new campaign strategies, or new company heads and everything in between. I mean John Hamm revealed the AMG S63 Coupe last year for Mercedes so there are bound to be a few surprises.


Announced Reveals:

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevy Malibu Teaser

Chevy is set to unveil a newly redesigned Malibu at this year’s show and judging by the silhouette, it’s looking quite nice. Last generation was a step in the right direction. Looks a bit Chrysler 200ish in the back.


Chevrolet Spark

Chevy Spark Teaser

This teaser shot of the new Spark looks a lot like the last one, but this compact hatch has proven to be popular and pretty fun.


Hyundai Tuscon

Hyundai Tucson Teaser

The popular small ‘ute made it’s European debut last month, but it’ll hop the pond and make it’s NA debt at NYIAS. And judging by the picture it’s going to look VASTLY superior to its predecessor.


Jaguar XF

New Jag XF teaser

With all the fanfare the F-type has received and with the XE coming out soon, it feels as though other JLR models have become an afterthought. But the reality is JLR has a bunch of other very handsome cars in their fleet. One shining example is the XF and it’s set for a refresh, making it’s public debut at NYIAS.


Kia Optima

Kia Optima Teaser

Well now. What have we here? The hugely popular Kia Optima is going to be redesigned and it was just announced that we’ll get a sneak peek at what the future Kia flagship will look like. Our review of the last Optima was not favorable even though we did really like the exterior styling, but if this picture is even a small glimpse as to what we might be getting, it gives the new version exponential hope.


McLaren Sports Series (!!!)

McLaren Sport Series Teaser

McLaren Sport Series Teaser 2

Apologies to all other car companies having reveals at NYIAS, but this is enormous news. Rarely do you see a major super/hypercar manufacturer have a mega, new model reveal outside of Geneva, Tokyo, Frankfurt, or Detriot. So pardon us when we say, “Holy crap!” We’re eagerly anticipating the new Sports Series (possibly named the 570S?) and will bring full coverage when debuted, we’re assuming, during the McLaren Press Conference @ ~3:00pm on Wednesday 4/1.


Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima Teaser

This debuted during the superbowl ad, but we’ll get to see the refresh live in person with all it’s swoopy glory.


Scion iA sedan and iM 5-door hatchback

Scion iA sedan teaser

Scion iM 5-door hatch teaser

Scion is making some noise recently with it’s bonkers and hot looking iM hatch concept, but will the real thing hold up to be as aggressive and cool looking? We predict no, but it does generate some discussion. Also, the iA sedan will finally be revealed and the question will then become, “Is Scion set to be come more than Toyota Lite?”


UPDATE: 2016 Lexus RX to debut

2016 Lexus Rx Teaser

The Lexus Rx series of autos are a massive draw for Lexus, accounting for nearly 40% of all Lexus sales. The new 2016 Rx is set to bow at NYIAS. This teaser looks a lot like a sedan so this is going to be very interesting to see what waspy soccer moms will be driving in 2 years.


UPDATE: Mitsubishi Outlander 

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Teaser

This is looking promising for Mitsubishi. The last outlander looks hideous, but this teaser shot hold a lot of promise. Now if they only had a surprise performance car reveal like Ford did with the GT…


UPDATE: Range Rover Sport HST

Range Rover Sport HST Teaser

The Range Rover Sport had been out for a while, but this new HST variant will give a gloriously supercharged V6 along with a Gesture Tailgate and the introduction of Automatic Access Height. Full details at the show.


UPDATE: Infiniti QX50

Infiniti QX50 Teaser

Infiniti has made some excellent crossovers in recent years and now with the new nomenclature is set to unveil it’s updated QX50 (formerly known as the Ex37) and hope to have the same sort of success. With possibly more confusion. Can’t keep these names straight.


UPDATE: Lyons Motor Car

Lyons Teaser

While totally weird looking from the teaser, Lyons Motor Car, a hypercar company in its infancy, will debut their first car directly following the Toyota press conference on April 2nd @ ~1:05pm. This should be very interesting as the car is rumored to have a Nelson racing engine and these engines are capable of producing between 1700 and 2500hp. Good lord. I hope they start it up for us to hear.


UPDATE: Aston Martin Vulcan

AM Vulcan Teaser

Aston’s Vulcan made it’s debut in Geneva, but they’re bringing it to NYIAS for it’s NA debut and what a debut it will be. This track only monster (not road legal) is built for the sole purpose of destroying anything that it comes in contact with at, say, your favorite track day event. And it should with an 800hp, 7.0L, V12 engine. And of course you’ll find carbon fiber all over the place to reduce weight. All this can be yours, if the price is right ($2.3million).


UPDATE: Ford Focus RS

RS 01

Our article on the new Focus RS has all the details you might need on the car before anything is officially announced for the production version, but this car can be seen, by you, in the US, for its NA debut at the NYIAS. This is very exciting news and we’ll be sure to being you tons of pictures and any info we can pry from the Ford reps.


UPDATE: Lincoln Continental Concept

Lincoln Continental Concept

Lincoln just blasted this reveal out ahead of the show ~10 hours ago. Man this looks nice! It seems as though Lincoln is going directly after the germans and Jag with this look. Can’t say I don’t blame them as they have been the standard for the past 3 decades. Can this concept develop into something that brings Lincoln back from the dead? Only time will tell, but this is one giant step in the right direction.


Other News:

World Car of the Year Awards

Per the schedule above, the WCOTY will be awarded on Thursday 4/2 and there are several categories where automakers can get some nice NYIAS hardware. Categories include: World Car Design Award, World Luxury Car Award, World Green Car Award, World Performance Car Award, and World Car of the Year Award. Last year’s winners were some big names including the BMW i3, Porsche 911 GT3, and Audi A3. This year promises to showcase more incredible cars vying for the crown.



Last year’s booths were breathtaking. From Bentley hosting their own GT3 team with a full on wine bar to Lincoln having a gorgeous honeycomb wall design to Mazda rolling out 25 years of the Miata for it’s 25th annivarsary edition, there will be some glorious sights to behold and we will bring you exceptional pictures as we walk through the showroom floor.



More games? Another F1 car racing experience? Off roading in a Jeep? Who knows what could be around the next corner. All we know is that we’re going to do it ALL this year. No stone left unturned.


That’s it for now, stay tuned as we update this page with more reveals and information as we get it leading up to the show.




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