No young kid reserves wall space for KIA posters, Supercars adorn those walls. As we stroll down the 2015 New York International Auto Show come April 1st and 2nd, we feel privileged to gaze upon a new batch of supercars that will hypnotize the next generation of gearheads to come.

The Vulcan looks drastically different than your current Aston Martin offerings, and is expected to be the new design language for the British carmaker’s stable. This supercar will produce in excess of 800 hp made possible by a non-boosted 7.0 liter V12 engine.

We were all stunned by the reveal of the new Ford GT during the 2015 Detroit North American International Auto Show. The powerplant is a twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 and is expected to yield more than 600 hp while the concept’s body is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber. We look forward to on-road performance numbers once this concept hits production in a couple of years.

Only 500 units will exist in this world. Even if you had $350,000 to spare there’s probably a mile-long waitlist at the time of this writing. Powered by a twin turbo 3.8 liter V8, the track-built 675LT will produce 666 BHP and 515 lb-ft of torque. Combined with a carbon-fiber hull, the 650S’ better and more athletic brother, is expected to dash to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Christian Von Koenigsegg himself at last year’s NYIAS when he brought the Agera-R to the east coast. This year we can expect to see the ONE:1, which is decidedly both an awful name and menacing statistic: One kilogram to One horsepower. This is the world’s first “MEGACAR” capable of making one megawatt of power, that’s more than 1300 hp!

The Acura has been teased numerous times in both concept and pre-production form since 2012. The NSX will make another appearance at the 2015 NYIAS, this time with the production version that was unveiled in the Detroit earlier this year. The NSX will be the only hybrid among this fleet of supercars. Powered by three electric motors and a twin turbo’d V6, this NSX should have valid credentials to backup its supercar status.

In contrast to Acura’s hybrid supercar, the Mercedes-AMG GT is an old-school brawler supercar equipped with a 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8. Peak torque occurs at 479 lb-ft and is pretty flat from 1,750 to 4,750 RPMs. This hand built AMG engine pulls the GT from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.

Stick with our liveblog on April 1st-2nd to get realtime updates and reveals!


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