Honda Civic Concept

The new Honda Civic Concept has been revealed, and it looks… just like you thought a Civic would look, small sized but big-hearted. Honda claims that the new concept will be a game changer, a term that’s lightly thrown around these days and guaranteed to fall very far short.

Looking at this concept and its features I’m partially convinced that Honda will live up to its claim. Led by the Honda R&D team in Ohio, the new civic has gone through a comprehensive redesign standing on a new platform and powertrain. There will be more body styles in its stable, the coupe, sedan, and also the hatchback.

Most surprisingly (maybe not to most) is the introduction of the turbocharger to its VTEC engines. Tuners will be delighted and so will Honda’s pocketbooks, as this new iteration will certainly continue the smashing success of the Civic. Tenth time’s a charm.


The 10th generation Civic exhibits sportier lines, strong haunches, and a very aggressive front fascia. The overall design mimics a street fighter as hoped by Honda. It certainly looks the part, but will it be all show and no go? We’ll find out in the next couple of years as these models trickle out.



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