McLaren Sports Series

We have shared the press shots of the tiny McLaren . This time the car is revealed at the 2015 New York International Auto Show alongside the rest of the family P1 GTR and the 675LT. The triumvirate of cars make up the Ultimate, Super, and now the more reasonable and usable Sports series.


The 570S is a true McLaren setup of rear wheel drive and mid-engined Twin Turboed V8 car. McLaren claims that this is the most beautiful Mclaren yet. Taking after the form of a Black Swan (Seriously…) the aesthetics has followed engineering functions. The air piercing front bumper allows optimal cooling and downforce at the front tires. The Door tendons guide the airflow down thru the side mounted radiators. The buttresses further guide the airflow underneath for heat evacuation from the engine bay.


McLaren believes that the 570S will be a relaxing drive. The cabin space has been maximized as well as its stowage. The interior can be luxury focused or performance oriented, while the digital display is standard and has been inspired by the P1. If you’re on the waitlist, deliveries will be made later in the year


With the 570S McLaren claims that this car possesses the best power to weight ratio in its class. 562 hp and an over 200 MPH speed limit this first iteration of the Sports Series is formidable while still very usable on everyday roads.


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