Mercedes Benz Shows Off The Redesigned Smart and New GLE AMG 63s

To start the year, Mercedes has been killing it with their strongest first quarter ever with ~78k vehicles sold. Piggybacking on that initial success, and with the highest loyalty rate in the industry, MB hopes to keep the push going with the reveal of the redesigned Smart Fortwo.


This agile little car has an incredibly small turning circle evidenced by doing a full 180 on stage without reversing. With an all new chassis, dual clutch transmission, split tailgate, foldable passengers seats, and huge safety in such a small car, this is set to be a much better iteration than the last model. At 4″ wider and with upgraded interior, it’s much sharper. This car also comes with an integrated cradle for smartphones or an upgraded OEM stereo and many new color options. And the NYPD is integrating them into their fleet starting this year.


The GLE (formerly the ML) AMG 63 will more than likely blow the doors off most sports cars, not even mentioning SUVs. Both the 63 and 63s versions get a 5.5L bi-turbo sporting 550/560 hp/lbft with 577/561 for S model. 0-60 in 4s. Better driving dynamics are also on display with a 40/60 torque split. Special struts with continuously variable dampers are also standard along with active anti roll bars and 5 dynamic driving modes.


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