Renault Alpine Celebration Concept Mule Spotted Testing And New Render By Top Speed

Just over a month ago we told you about a stunning new concept by Alpine, Renault’s smaller side project that churns out some of the most beautiful cars ever made, or never made in the case of the A110-50. Well luckily we have friends on the internet that tell us things about things that we already talked about! Confused? Excellent because here’s what I’m rambling about.

Our newly minted friends over at Top Speed, which by the way is an excellent site and you should all be over there daily, sent us a hot tip that they have a new render of the highly anticipated concept.

Renault Alpine Concept Top Speed Render

This render is flat out gorgeous. And guess what? There’s even more good news. It’s apparently been spotted testing using some Lotus bodywork as camouflage.

Renault Alpine Concept Mule

OOOOOOOO. AHHHHHHH. And that’s not me being sarcastic. I literally said, “OOOOOOO that’s nice” upon viewing the render for the first time. I truly hope this thing gets made. With the Alfa Giulia announced recently, the market looks primed for a return to small-to-mid-size, sports sedan/coupe glory.

For the full story, head on over to Top Speed here.

Photo Credits: Top Speed


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