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Today I attempted life and it was awesome

Please humor me for a moment. Today marks World Suicide Prevention day. It’s a hugely important day the world over because so many people are troubled and getting the word out and talking about suicide will not only help increase awareness about depression and suicide itself, but it might also save a life.

Here in the auto industry, we hear about many deaths from high speed crashes while racing, and while those are tragic losses, we tend to forget that there are others in our tightly knit community that might continually be suffering below the surface. Tommy Milton, a 2-time winner of America’s greatest race, the Indianapolis 500, shot himself in 1962. Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle unfortunately did the same in 2013. Authur Chevrolet, brother to Chevrolet founder Louis Chevrolet, also tragically took his own life in 1946.

This topic penetrates all walks of life. No one should be alone through this journey and I want to help in any way I can. So today, I attempted life. The hashtag #worthliving was started last year by McCann Torre Lazur to start the conversation and show that there is so much to life that’s worth living for. This year, they are ramping up the efforts and starting a new movement called #attemptlife. It could be as simple as doing something out of the ordinary for you. I tried my hand at attempting life by doing my first ever timed 0-60 pull in my Subaru WRX. Here’s my attempt!

The point of this isn’t to succeed. If you do, great! Even if you don’t, that’s great too. The fact that you are getting out there and living and celebrating life is what’s important. Maybe someone will see your silly video and have a change of heart, or at least talk to someone that they might be having trouble in their lives. Even if it’s one person, it’s worth it.

Help me bring this to the automotive forefront. Get out there, attempt life because life is worth living. Now, it’s your turn.

(If you do something today, video it, take a picture, and use the hashtags #attemptlife, #worthliving, and #suicideprevention on social media)


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