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Apple CarPlay: Available On 100 Models!


Say goodbye to those awful, pixelated, and slow in car entertainment systems. Apple’s CarPlay is now becoming more mainstream! If you haven’t heard, Apple CarPlay is the next generation of car infotainment system based on your iOS device. And now Apple CarPlay is being installed on more vehicles than ever. Apple just released a big list of more than 100 car models to choose from. Some worth mentioning: 2016 CTS-V, 2016 Corvette, 2017 NSX, and the 2016 GTI!

Shiftinglanes is still tinkering with our Apple CarPlay review, but so far we are stunned with its usability and clean and familiar user interface. Apple calls it “The Ultimate Copilot” and so far we agree. The functions that we care the most about are easily accessible without the confusing navigation, common to built in car software systems. And just like most apple products, you have to have other apple products for it to work (iPhone 5 or newer).

The question now is, how will Android react to this news? Will they release an even bigger list than what’s below? Stay tuned.


Manufacturers with CarPlay equipped models


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