5 Things You Need To Know About The Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti just unveiled it’s brand spanking new road munching monster at the Geneva International Auto Show. Since you guys can’t be there, here are a few facts that might get you closer to exactly what this car is all about.


1) It has 1500 horsepower

Which is absolutely ridiculous for a production car, but man do we love that. This, coupled with 1180 lb-ft of torque will more than likely get you going to 100 really quick. This all comes from a brand new 8.0 liter, W16 engine.

2) It has 4 turbos

Yes 4. Quad turbo’d. Also highly acceptable. This will build in the peak torque range from 2000-6000 RPM.

3) It’s claimed to have a top speed of 261 MPH

That’s fast, but it’s limited to 261 meaning it can likely go faster given there’s enough track and the tires don’t explode. Bugatti is saying a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds. I think we have a 4th in the P1, 918, LaFerrari drag race we’ve all seen. Now they need to add this to the mix.

4) It’ll set you back $2.5 million

That’s a BIG chunk of change, but the people that will be purchasing the Chiron won’t be concerned about the price. That’s a drop in the bucket. For us mere mortals, we’ll never be able to touch one, even if one ends up crashed in half (remember the Ferrari Enzo that split in half just sold after a rebuild for $2 million).

5) There will only be 500 made

So if you ever spot one, you will be in the presence of an automotive God. Take many pictures.

For now, check out Shmee150s walk around at the show and some gratuitous car porn below.



(Video Source: YouTube)


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