This Guy Took A Supercar On A 700 Mile Road Trip

Granddads always say “Pick the right tool for the job.” When it comes to cars, one tool usually has to do all the jobs. The one car has to do all the commutes to work, all the trips to the dance recitals, and all the trips to Costco. But there are those specialty cars destined for a higher calling. Those cars are destined to do very specific jobs, VERY well.

Enter the Lamborghini Aventador SV, a 12 cylinder, 217 mph Supercar made only for one purpose: to go extremely fast. This is not your plain Jane Aventador either. This is the Superveloce, or Italian for Super Fast. This trim comes with a superior performance and price tag in exchange for fewer features and amenities found in lesser Lamborghinis.

lambo sv 1 lambo sv3


lambo-sv2 lambo sv4

So what exactly happens when this high precision high performance tool gets used for a mundane 700-mile road trip? A lot of stares and discomfort. Popular Mechanics just released an entertaining article about this journey in their February 2016 issue. We suggest you pick up a copy and read Popular Mechanics’ Automotive Editor, Ezra Dyer’s adventure in taking the super exclusive Superveloce around American neighborhoods, and the thrills bestowed on supercar owners and the challenges of using it as a daily driver.

During this trip he avoids using the highways as that avoids the interesting interactions one might encounter in the local roads.

And this car has fans wherever it goes. Early on, I’m driving back roads when an Accord pulls up next to me at a light and the woman at the wheel informs me she’s been following me for 20 miles just to find out what this car is. In Charleston, South Carolina, a school bus full of kids looks like it might tip over, so fast do they all rush to one side to gawk at the Lamborghini. At a Starbucks in Florida, I walk in and the guy at the counter informs me, “There are two women in here who want a ride in that car. So far.” You grow accustomed to glancing out the window and seeing phones pointed at you. You don’t want to pick your nose in an Aventador Superveloce. Someone will get it on video.

By the time he gets to his destination 700 miles away in Miami he likened his posture to that of a “wizened mountain hermit emerging from his cave.” That is no surprise. These cars are typically reserved for the track where the human body’s adrenaline will counteract the sharp g-loads exerted onto the spine. So when a high strung vehicle is used for dull activities it will certainly lead to a sore back. Still if given the choice to take a Lamborghini Superveloce for a 700-mile road trip, the answer would be a very quick yes. Because V12.




Source: Popular Mechanics


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