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Want To Run A Formula One Team? Better Have Lots Of Money

Have you ever wondered how much money it takes to run a Formula 1 team? There’s actually a lot that goes behind the race car and the race team, and all of that takes money and LOTS of it. The good folks at Raconteur has built a nifty infographic showing a high bill of £158 million (~$221 million) to manage a Formula 1 team in ONE season. No wonder the Marussia F1 team went into bankruptcy. This cost is built up of research and development, manufacturing and component acquisition, salaries of the drivers and team members, and finally the other logistics factors and operations.


The infographic also takes a look at the component costs of the car based on the 2015 Formula 1 season with the engine holding a commanding £3.5 million (~$5 million) to develop and build. Luckily some of those costs can be recouped via ad placements, which this infographic has also covered. Check out the pic below courtesy of Raconteur.


Photo credit: Raconteur


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