Know Your GT-R: 1989 Skyline GT-R BNR32

This GT-R is based off the eighth-generation Skyline, the R32. The BNR32 Skyline revived the “GT-R” name after an absence of 16 years. This example contains a 6-cylinder inline, dual overhead cam (DOHC), 2.6 liter (280PS) RB26DETT engine. The chassis also comes equipped with an electronically controlled 4WD torque splitter system, the ATTESA E-TS and a 4-wheel multilink suspension. The 1989 Skyline GT-R BNR32 is quite special as it never lost a single race in the All Japan Championships.

GTR-r32-3 GTR-r32-1



Overall length / width / height : 4,545/1,755/1,340mm
Wheelbase : 2,615mm
Tread : 1,480mm (front & rear)
Curb weight : 1,430kg
Engine : RB26DETT (6-cyl. in line, DOHC), 2,568cc
Engine Max. power : 206kW (280PS)/6,800rpm
Engine Max. torque : 353Nm (36kgm)/4,400rpm
Transmission : 5-speed, floor shift
Suspension : Multilink (front & rear)
Brakes : Ventilated disc (front & rear)
Tires : 225/50R16



Source: Nissan Heritage Collection


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