Know Your GT-R: 1999 Skyline GT-R M-Spec Nur BNR34

The R34 Skyline was released in January 1999, and it was the final version of the second-generation GT-R with the RB26DETT engine and trick 4WD system, the ATTESA E-TS. The R34 features a smaller wheelbase (55mm shorter) when compared to the R33. This produces a stiffer structure and the R34 was generally more capable of higher performance. This iteration of the GT-R also possess improved aerodynamics, allowing more downforce due to the under-floor design.

The M-Spec Nur was only limited to 1000 units. This version was tuned mainly for endurance races like Spa Francorchamps 24 hour and contained a softer suspension, compared to the V Spec II Nur edition. Both versions come equipped with a specially tuned N1 spec RB26DETT engine.

GTR-r34-2 GTR-r34-4



Overall length / width / height : 4,600/1,785/1,360 mm
Wheelbase : 2,665mm
Tread (front/rear) : 1,480/1,490mm
Curb weight: 1,560kg
Engine : RB26DETT (6-cyl. in line, DOHC), 2,568cc
Engine Max. power : 206kW (280PS) /6,800rpm
Engine Max. torque : Over 392Nm (40.0kgm)/4,400rpm
Suspension : Multi-link (front & rear)
Tires : 245/40ZR18
Source: Nissan Heritage Collection


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