PREVIEW: Gymkhana Nine

Did you watch Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight? Did you stick around after the credits? At the end of the drift-tastic footage is a sneak peek at Ken Block’s next ride for Gymkhana Nine. Instead of a traditional Ford Fiesta, this time it will be the Ford Focus RS being flogged around. There are no details on the next version yet, but the Fiesta used to tear up Dubai in Gymkhana eight had a 650 horsepower engine that can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 1.8 seconds.

We have seen the Ford Focus RS in person and it is a looker. The teased version looks like a ‘Wild’ version of the RS possessing a wide body kit with massive brake duct vents and gaping hood vents. Seems like the engineers knew what this car was made for since the ducting seem capable of intaking and exhausting air when the vehicle is going sideways.focus-gymkhana9-1

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We can’t wait until Gymkhana Nine. The Focus RS is a much bigger vehicle compared to the Fiesta, let’s hope Ken Block is can make this larger Ford dance as well as the petite Fiesta.



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