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Clarkson Era Top Gear’s Reasonably Priced Car Is For Sale!

The 2013 Opel/Vauxhall Astra that has shuttled many stars during the Clarkson/Hammond/May era of Top Gear is now up for sale! You can grab this very low mileage car (2,908 miles!), presumably for a very non-reasonable price, once the auction is over on eBay.

This is the same Astra that was introduced with the star-studded barbeque featuring Jimmy Carr and Warwick Davis, and singers Brian Johnson and Joss Stone. This Astra comes equipped with a 1.6 liter engine that produces 115 brake horsepower, and has been fitted with a full roll cage and Corbeau racing seats in the front. The seller warns that in its present condition it is “not type-approved and should not be driven on the road.”



Olly Murs was the fastest star to have driven this Astra around the Top Gear test track with a time of 1:44.6. This Vauxhall/Opel car is a much more attractive reasonably priced car than the one it replaced, the Kia Cee’d. Check out a behind the scenes look of Benedict Cumberbatch driving the car below, then head over to eBay and bid until your fingers bleed!


Source: eBay


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