Corvette Shooting Brake

You can now retrofit a stylish hump on the back of your Corvette Stingray or Corvette Z06 coupe, turning your two door sports car into a two door Shooting Brake. Callaway Cars, an engine design company that likes to tweak all things Chevrolet, especially Corvettes, have engineered the Callaway AeroWagen Package that will give your beloved Corvette a whole lot of cargo space.



The kit, which looks entirely OEM, replaces the whole rear hatch of the C7 Corvette platform with a new liftable hatch made out of carbon fiber composite structure. Although this addition makes the Corvette look like, dare I say, the new Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in side profile, this kit won’t allow you to have additional seating due to the design of the Corvette’s running gear.


See the resemblance?



Callaway also offers a performance upgrade to the Corvette line, in case shooting brakes don’t tickle your fancy. Their Callaway Corvette upgrades bump up the Corvette Stingray from 460 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque to a whopping 627 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque, via their own supercharger concoction and intake systems. Or if you’re a less sane person who owns the Z06, their package bumps up the horsepower figures from 650 to 757 and torque numbers from 650 to 777 lb-ft of torque.


Source: Callaway Cars


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