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Miss Watching Top Gear? Watch These Guys In The Meantime.

We here at Shifting Lanes love us some Top Gear. Obviously. I mean who doesn’t, right? But right now there’s nothing on TV that can really compare. U.S. Top Gear isn’t shown in all countries like BBC Top Gear is, the Clarkson, Hammond, and May Amazon show is shooting currently but has nothing coming until the fall, and the new Top Gear that seems like it’s destined for failure is still more than a month away from it’s first episodes.


So what do we do in the meantime? Well obviously you should keep coming to our page for any TG updates and for other car related news, but there are other options for your viewing pleasure on the video entertainment side of things. Vlogging has become a cultural phenomenon and YouTube hosts pretty much anything you’d like to put online within reason.

Specifically, car vlogging (vlog meaning video blog) has increased in popularity ever since Top Gear went off the air last year. UK vloggers have seen a particularly large boom and their material is getting them noticed all over the internet. Seen Through Glass, Shmee150, Supercars of London, and Mr. JWW, have all taken to the car scene, as they are all huge automotive enthusiasts, and produced some really good, low budget content. And when we say low budget, we’re not talking about quality here. It’s more of a nod as to how they can produce good videos for a fraction of the cost that Top Gear could. The brilliance behind this is they can film, edit, and publish their content on a near daily basis, aiding them in adding to their already huge following. Best part, all their content is successful and pretty damn entertaining to watch.

Here are a few selections from some of their more recent exploits in Monaco as they road trip for the annual Top Marques car meeting.

Seen Through Glass reviewing 2 Porsche 911s.

Shmee150 driving his own McLaren 675LT and the new BMW M2

Mr. JWW driving his own Ferrari F12 around Monaco.

Supercars of London telling us why Monaco is the greatest place in the world to spot supercars

We love watching their exploits and some of the time it’s not just about them or their cars, thought that is a substantial amount of their content. So if you enjoy 10-20 minutes worth of car reviews, epic supercar spotting, days in the life of supercar owners, and just generally engaging automotive videos, you should absolutely check out all their YouTube channels linked above. It’ll absolutely hold you over until anything from Top Gear or Amazon comes on. Hell, you might even like it better than new Top Gear.


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