Have A Project Car? Why Not Make It A Supercar?

That powerplant found in the new Ford GT, the one Ford claims to produce over 600 brake horsepower, may just be made available for purchase in the near future. So if you’ve got a project car lined up and want some supercar juice, the Ford GT’s Twin Turbo 3.5 liter V6 may just be the crate engine you’re looking for.

Dave Pericak, Director of Ford Performance and the man behind the sixth generation Mustang, spoke to Autocar and mentioned the Ford GT’s engine was already well proven in multiple applications, and there’s potential for it to work in other platforms.

The engine won at the [2014] 12 Hours of Sebring in the Ford EcoBoost race car, and it’s shown promise in the GT race car already. It shows how capable the engine is.


Pericak also hinted the engine could potentially end up in cars made by other racing teams and it was something Ford had already taken into account. Firms building low volume sports or supercars would be candidates for the EcoBoost unit similar to Chevrolet’s current LS offerings.


We’re curious if this could potentially fit into something like a Factory Five roadster, where a 600 brake horsepower engine powering a 2000 pound vehicle would produce fantastic/deadly results. Hell, we may be looking at MORE than 600 horsepower if Forza Motorsport 6 has any credibility, as the video game lists 630 horsepower and 539 lb-ft of torque. If you could buy this engine, what would you put it into?

(Source: Autocar)


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