Richard Hammond Driving A Citroen In The New Amazon Prime Car Show?

Edit: Our keen, sharp eyed, Facebook followers noticed this car was used on Top Gear, Season 13 ep 6 for the Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca. We still wonder what Hammond is doing with it…

The still to be named Amazon Prime Car Show starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May is still way too far in the future for our liking. So when we hear bits of news about the CHM boys we can’t help but report about it. The latest bit comes from a photo posted in a Dailymail article of Richard Hammond posing in front of what looks to be a souped-up Citroen Ami 8 Estate (or station wagon, if you prefer.) The photo was taken in front of a cafe where Hammond was seen having drinks with a friend, presumably.

Hammond Citroen Ami 8 Estate

We’re not sure whether this car will be used for the show, but we can’t imagine The Hamster using a rally spec late 70’s Citroen wagon as his daily driver. Unless he likes the front wheel drive, all independent suspension, air-cooled 0.6 liter engine, family hauler. The Ami 8 Estate has been fitted with some rally bumpers, plenty of fog lamps, and donning some fancy racing stripes. And if our eyes are good, the interior seems to be protected with a roll cage as well. The door has “MAY” written on it with the number 36. Perhaps this rally car will be used for an episode where Hammond and May teams up against Clarkson in a race from one location to another? We can only hope!

Hammond Citroen Ami 8 Estate - sidehammond cafe

In case you’ve never seen a Citroen Ami 8 before, here she is in her stock glory:

citroen-ami-8-estate citroen-ami-8

(Photo Source: Dailymail)


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