Someone Tried To Buy A Mazda Concept Car, VIA Email, And Mazda Responded.

Say what you want about Mazda, they scored a ton of points in my book with this bit of news.

Apparently, according to multiple reports, someone emailed Mazda about their new RX-Vision Concept. However, it wasn’t a journalist asking for specs or another company asking for info about the car. Nope, it was a person trying to buy the car. According to Reddit, one user decided to email Mazda about purchasing the stunning concept.

Best part, they even received an email back.

Mazda rotary concept

Dear ___,

Thank you for contacting Mazda Customer Experience Center.

We appreciate your interest in a future Mazda RX model and while we can confirm that Mazda continues to develop rotary engines, we cannot confirm production of a rotary at this point. Rotaries are one of the signature engineering technologies that define Mazda, and we will continue exploring them to see where they may fit for production applications. While mass production is currently on hold, Mazda has never stopped research and development efforts towards the rotary engine.

RX-VISION represents a vision of the future that Mazda hopes to one day make into reality; a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car with exquisite, KODO design-based proportions only Mazda could envision, and powered by the next-generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine. Although future models and specifications are not available at this time, you will find the most up-to-date information on our current vehicle lines and accessories on our website, Additionally, our press releases are available on our media website,

Should you have additional questions or feedback, please contact me at the number below and reference your Service request number.

This was, of course, a bit of a pipe dream, but I think that asking a major auto manufacturer for a concept car is surprisingly awesome. I mean, who else to better call car on car companies to make amazing cars than the consumers who want to purchase them, right? This person showed Mazda that there is a market for the new RX-Vision and for their rotary engines.

Let’s hope this further convinces Mazda to make a new RX sooner rather than later.

(Source: Reddit)



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