Gran Turismo Sport Makes My Eyes Bleed

Trailer number 2 is out and it looks downright gorgeous. Judging from the soundtrack in the beginning of the clip, I was expecting Solid Snake to climb out of the McLaren to beat on some mechas. But the trailer continues by showing all the fascinating cars from real production cars to GT3 cars and various tracks like the Northern Isle Speedway, the Nürburgring, Brands Hatch, and some Dirt courses. The trailer also shows the livery editor system in action, which according to Playstation, can be shared between players. Once we get our hands on this we’ll definitely be exploiting this to the fullest extent, by creating our own Shifting Lanes livery that we can share with our fans. In addition to the expected features, there is an improved Photography system where the models and lighting have significantly improved over previous iterations, blurring the lines between reality and fakery. Check out trailer number 2 below:

In case you haven’t seen the first trailer you can catch it here where we also breakdown all the bonus features, depending on where you preorder from. Here’s a link where you can pickup a preorder. We are definitely picking this up and will be participating in online races. We’ll let you know the details once we get a copy in our hands.

(Photo Credit: Gran Turismo)


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