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Top Gear Stunt That Angered Many Brits Will Air This Sunday

Remember when two Americans managed to piss off London? Back in March, residents of London were warned about Top Gear filming, that there would be “brief periods of loud noise” and “An American Mustang car driving at speed performing ‘slides’” at the Tower Bridge. Some thought the flyer was a hoax. Sure enough, that Saturday morning Gymkhana driver Ken Block and the new Top Gear’s co-host Matt LeBlanc showed up in a highly modified ’65 Ford Mustang, known as the ‘Hoonicorn’, to drift and do donuts around famous London landmarks.topgear-hoonicorntop-gear-cenotaphA photograph captured the two doing burnouts and donuts near the Cenotaph in Whitehall, a prominent UK war memorial, leaving streaks of black tire marks throughout the area. As expected this drew outrage from many citizens and veterans, calling for the segment to be axed from the program.

According to a tweet from BBC Two:

The episode with the Cenotaph stunt will air this Sunday at 8 pm, and if what Chris Evans has publicly said holds any water, they won’t air the segment showing LeBlanc and Block drifting around the Cenotaph.

There were also reports that this stunt was the beginning of the rift between the two presenters. Whether that’s true or not, the chemistry between the two hasn’t really been working out and has been awkward at best, based on the first two weeks of the show. The most important question is whether the British people will watch the show this week or not? The second episode resulted in a massive decline in television viewership and it would be even more troublesome for the BBC if it continues. The timing of this highly controversial topic can’t come at a worse time for both Top Gear and the BBC. The world’s once highest rated program can’t come second to Antiques Roadshow again can it?

(Source: Twitter, Photo Credit: The Telegraph)


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